Go-wild link safaris, a tour operator with a dedicated & passionate team skilled in tour & travel in community and wildlife tourism.

Go wild link safaris is fully registered tour operator located in Uganda and,   a member to several other hospitality industry companies, Go wild link safaris is also in partnership with safaribookings, the largest online marketplace for African tours, a one-stop point for tourists to assess tour packages and operators for their destinations.


Go wild link safaris is a registered tour agent operating in Bwindi located in the southwestern region in Uganda.

Through its corporate social responsibility mandate, Go Wild Link has dedicated profits from tours to assist orphanage centers and extend support to the vulnerable & needy people in the Batwa community.

We support the Batwa community by providing them with relief items such as food, medications, accommodations, and education (sponsorship and scholastic materials)


Go Wild Link Safaris operates many community projects in the Bwindi community like African heritage cultural experience, Community & Batwa/Pygmies experience, Local Homestead & Food experience, Orphanage Children, Women entertainments, Iron Smelting & black smiting experience.

Booking your travels with Go Wild Safaris enables us to continue to extend support and assistance to the Bwindi vulnerable community through mentioned charity projects.

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About Uganda

Uganda the pearl of Africa gifted with all kinds of wildlife and unique tourism of the BATWA community commonly known as the forest dwellers in the Bwindi forest in the western part of Uganda.

Following the eviction of the Batwa community in 1991, the government of Uganda together with UNESCO, and the World Bank gazed at the national park as the only home of world endangered mountain gorillas and home to the two world’s greatest apes: – chimpanzees and mountain gorillas living together.

Uganda currently inhabits half of the total population of mountain gorillas while Rwanda and Congo share the rest of the population number.

The Bwindi forest is home to forest dwellers commonly known as the Batwa community, consisting of sixteen (16) families /groups a few currently undergoing re-habituation exercise.

So far fifteen families are now fully re-habituated and now recognized as a tourist attraction, visitors all over worldwide have been visiting the Bwindi community now known as since 1993.

You can book a family a cording to its name or location title.

1-Bwindi main station.
¡.   Habinyanja group
¡¡. Rushegura group
¡¡¡.Mubale      group

2-Ruhija sector.

¡.Bitukura  group
¡¡.Kyaguriro group
¡¡¡.Rukara group
¡¡¡¡.Ruzogo group

3. Southern sector
¡.Nkuringo group
¡¡.Bikyingi group
¡¡¡.Busingye group
¡¡¡¡.Mishaya group
v.  Kasingye group
vi. Nshongi group
vii.Bweza group
¡x. Bushaho group  

4-In mgahinga national park
¡.Mgahinga group
This is the park that is also rich in a variety of golden monkeys.
It is also bordering neighboring Rwanda and DRC Congo.

The sixteenth group is the Rushaaga group which is under habituation exercise and it is on promotional of mountain gorillas’ habituation experience upon payment of $1500 for four hours only in a day.
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